Panda Room

Our Panda Room…

In our pre-school area we plan differentiated activities which closely link to the 7 areas of learning in the EYFS curriculum: ‘Personal, Social and Emotional Development’, ‘Communication and Language’, ‘Physical Development’, ‘Mathematics’, ‘Literacy’, ‘Understanding the World’ and ‘Expressive Arts and Design’.  These activities are planned according to the child’s stage of development. The play that we offer builds on previous learning and takes into account each child’s increasing concentration span and developing skills. We encourage creativity and individual expression. We provide different activities for the children to become involved in and ensure that these are rotated regularly to maintain children’s interests.

Children in this age group take part in many aspects of school life at St Mary’s Primary School. They have opportunities to visit the ICT suite and sessions in the school gym. They also have lunch with the Reception children in the main school hall.  This early integration prepares them for ‘big school’ and helps to develop their confidence and self esteem.

Panda Room Timetable for 8am to 6pm children

Children are typically put into groups based on age. This supports the children to have meaningful experiences with children their age and keep the number of children in one space all at once to a minimum.

Timing Events
8.00 – 8.30Breakfast
8.30Name writing and Activity Time
9.30Phonics then play
10.00Snack Time!
10.30Gym time and Outdoor Play. In the Gym, we love to do Pilates, dance, and use all the equipment.
2.00Focus Activities
3.30Tea Time
4.00Play Indoors and Out. We love to use the bikes and scooter when the school children have gone home!

This is not set in stone, often the children go on a nature walk or partake in Forest School.  We often have visitors or special enrichment activities for the children which alter the timetable.

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