Our Vision

Learning and thriving through play and discovery

We have a clear vision of what we want to achieve at Little Learners Nursery:

  • To provide the highest quality childcare in a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment.
  • To provide challenging and meaningful learning experiences that meet the needs and aspirations of all our children.
  • To nurture children to be highly motivated independent learners.
  • To develop caring and respectful relationships based on trust and equality.


To achieve our vision we aim to : 

  • Be inclusive and supportive for all children and families and value the special contribution everyone can make.
  • Offer a stimulating and challenging curriculum which meets the needs and interests of all our children.
  • Maintain excellent standards of progress and attainment providing children with the building blocks for future academic success.
  • Providing a language rich environment where children are supported to be confident, accomplished speakers. 
  • Foster a love of books, reading and storytelling.
  • Extend the opportunities for learning into the wider community and  the natural environment.  
  • Foster a positive attitude towards learning, through praise and celebration.
  • Establish high expectations of behaviour and to help children develop a sense of responsibility for their own actions.
  • Welcome, develop, and respect the partnership between home and nursery. 
  • Support and encourage the continuing professional development of all our staff


Our values help to shape our practice and achieve our aims:

Caring – We encourage our children to care for each other, for their community and for the environment

Respect –  We listen to and value the thoughts, feelings and beliefs of each other. The views of our children will be acknowledged and they will be actively involved and supported in making everyday decisions about their learning and play. 

Nurture – We foster a warm, loving and stable environment where children feel safe and cared for.  Our nursery will feel like home and provide an extended family environment.    

Encouragement – Praise, guidance and encouragement are central to our daily practices and by having high expectations of their own and others’ learning and behaviour, we are encouraging our children to be the very best they can be.

Growth  – we aim to grow lively, independent and enquiring minds. We do this by providing a creative, exciting and well planned curriculum, which will help inspire a love of learning and encourage a spirit of enquiry, both now and in the future. 

Equality we celebrate diversity, appreciating and respecting the things that make each child unique.